what you need to know about your dog's food

what you need to know about your dog's food

How To Safely Transport Your Dog In A Truck

Isabella Harper

Transporting your dog in the back of an open truck is not a good idea. It is not safe for your dog, especially if you get into an accident, and even after a safe trip, a dog can struggle to maintain his or her footing as the truck momentum continues to shift. Instead, if you are transporting your dog, you will need to use the right equipment, place your dog in the right part of the truck and drive safely.

Get a Crate

You must keep your dog in a crate. This will prevent your dog from moving around and will also keep your dog more secure. Plastic or mesh crates that are well-ventilated are the best option because they keep your dog cooler when it is hot outside. However, if it is cold outside, you will need to focus more on proper insulation.

The easiest way to keep your dog warm is to purchase an insulated crate cover. This will zip over the crate. However, you will want to keep the cover open at the bottom so that there is enough ventilation. By keeping the crate covered, your dog will also be less likely to panic by not being able to see what is occurring outside.

Provide Your Dog with the Necessities

Make sure the bottom of the crate has plenty of bedding so your dog is comfortable. If you are going on a long trip, bring bowls of water and food.

Buy a Harness

If there is not enough room for a dog crate, you will need to place your dog on a seat. Then, you should consider getting a harness that can better hold your dog in place.

Use a Ramp or Flight of Stairs

The larger your dog, the harder it can be to get your dog into a truck, especially as your dog grows older. Two great options are a ramp or a portable flight of stairs. Either product allows your dog to more easily climb into the truck. Other options, such as training your dog to jump in the back or lifting your dog up, can increase the odds that your dog becomes injured.

Drive Carefully

Drive much more slowly when traveling with your dog. Come to a stop more gradually and do not accelerate too much. Unlike your buckled human passengers, dogs are not as well-secured. By driving carefully and using the right supplies, your dog will arrive at the destination much more safely.

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what you need to know about your dog's food

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