what you need to know about your dog's food

what you need to know about your dog's food

3 Common Pitbull Falsehoods

Isabella Harper

Due to the fact that pitbulls have garnered national attention because of a great deal of poor owners who mistreat their animals and train them to become vicious attack dogs (not to be confused with guard dogs), many people view this dog as a vicious beast in and of itself. The fact of the matter is, a well trained pitbull can be a great addition to your family, and is well suited to a number of environments, be it urban or rural. Throughout the course of this brief article, several myths about pitbulls will be debunked.

Pitbulls Hate Cats

No dogs inherently hate cats, but many dogs have a prey drive that cause them to chase cats. Usually, this is done so in a playful manner. Pitbulls are no exception to this rule, but to say they hate cats is wildly off base. They, like most dog breeds, simply are invested in the chase, and there are many cases of pitbulls living a peaceful life with cats and other animals.

Pitbulls Cannot Be Trusted Around Children

Again, this is a matter of socialization and training. If a pitbull is properly socialized around children while the dog is still a puppy, he or she should have no issues dealing with them later in life. Like all dog breeds, if a pitbull is not sufficiently socialized to be around children, your pet might perceive some playful acts, like pulling on a tail a bit, or even climbing atop a pitbull, as an act of aggression. Pitbulls do have a tendency to underestimate their own strength, however, so in an act of joy, may jump on or knock over a child. This behavior can be curbed while your dog is still a pup, simply by not responding to your dog's pleas for attention when it jumps on you.

Pitbulls Turn On Their Owners

If a dog "turns" on his or her owner, this is usually a sign of one of two things: that the owner has mishandled or mistreated his or her pet over time, or that your pet has contracted a deep sickness that should be addressed by a professional veterinarian as soon as possible. The American Veterinarian Medical Association has a long list of tips and practices that can help prevent your dog from lashing out or biting.

Pitbulls are usually kind, loving, family dogs, and up until the past twenty or so years, had a reputation as such. It is highly recommended that you consider looking for pitbull puppies for sale so you can raise the dog from its puppy years in order to maximize your time with it and hone your ability to train this loving breed. Check out a pet store like Your New Puppy LLC to find pitbull puppies.


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what you need to know about your dog's food

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