what you need to know about your dog's food

what you need to know about your dog's food

Three Health Benefits Chewing Antlers Can Offer Your Dog

Isabella Harper

As a dog owner, keeping your dog healthy is the main priority. Make sure you keep this factor in mind when shopping for a chew bone for your dog. Antlers are a safe and healthy option for your pet. If you've traditionally relied on man-made chew options, here are just three of the health benefits antlers can offer your dog.

Increased Nutrient Intake

Antlers are a bone-like material naturally produced by deer. Similar to the human body, the bones of the deer are rich with a variety of nutrients and minerals, including calcium. When a dog chews on an antler, they naturally increase their calcium intake.

In terms of your dog's health, an increase in their calcium intake can help improve muscle contraction, vision, milk production, teeth development and heart function, all of which keep your dog more active, independent and happy. While there are calcium supplements you can purchase, antlers give you the benefit of a chew bone and supplement all rolled into one.

Safer Chewing

Using an antler instead of a traditional man-made bone can also offer safer chewing for your dog. Some man-made products come along with an increased risk for splinting and chipping. Splinting and chipping increase the risk of a cut in your dog's mouth, that when left untreated can lead to a painful and dangerous infection.

Antlers are more durable than these man-made options, making them far less prone to splinting and chipping. As an added safety measure, make sure you periodically check the condition of your dog's chew toys to be on the safe side. Should you notice these imperfections, replace the chew bone right away.

Limits Chemical Exposure

As with any man-made product, there is always the increased likelihood of chemical treatments. In order to create these products, there are a number of artificial ingredients that are applied to help form its shape and make it more chew friendly. When your dog uses one of these products for chewing, there is always the risk of exposure to these potentially harmful ingredients, especially when they are used routinely.

Antlers are naturally sustainable, meaning they don't need to be exposed to any of these chemical treatments. The less exposure to these harmful ingredients, the safer your pet.

Make sure you keep the health of your dog a priority for every aspect of your dog's care. Incorporating antlers is a great move in the right direction.


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what you need to know about your dog's food

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