what you need to know about your dog's food

what you need to know about your dog's food

Four Safety Precautions to Consider When Hunting with Dogs

Isabella Harper

Preparing for any hunting trip requires some forethought, but, if you use hunting dogs, you have to consider the supplies you will need for them as well. Some supplies will be useful for the trip, some will be used only for the dog, and some will be general dog-related gear.


While this might not sound like a supply, the way you transport your dogs is a huge part of trip planning. Consider kennels or crates that can double as a place for your dogs to sleep and a shelter from possible bad weather. Look into crates that have a sturdy structure but allows adequate air flow; also consider buying a fabric cover to place over the crate to create a more serene place for your dog to go and settle down after a hunt.


In many states, hunters are required to wear a specific percentage of orange on their outer clothing as a safety precaution; consider doing the same for your dogs. If a hunter can be mistaken for game, dogs are much easier to misidentify. You can get orange safety vests made for dogs in multiple sizes from most respectable hunting supply stores or shops. A few dollars spent on gear like this might be the difference between a safe, fun trip and a terrible accident. 

Food and Food Storage

Your dogs will need to eat while afield. Something to consider is what foods they may need to have and how you are going to keep those foods secure so wild animals will not be attracted to them. Consider food that is higher in protein to help maintain energy levels in your dog while he or she is active during the hunt. If you are not sure what food is best, a hunting supply store like Lion Country Supply will be able to help you with finding the right food to fill your dog's needs. Remember to bring air tight containers to store these foods so that it will not spoil and so critters can't get to it.

First Aid

Believe it or not, many hunting dog supply stores offer first aid kits tailored to your dog's needs. While you may be able to use some things from your own first aid kit, having a first aid kit that is specifically designed for treating an injured dog could make the difference between life and death. Options are available that range from basic first aid for wound care to complete trauma kits. If you are hunting in a very remote location, this could be the most important gear in your pack. 


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what you need to know about your dog's food

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