what you need to know about your dog's food

what you need to know about your dog's food

What You Will Need To Get If Your Child Wants A Saltwater Aquarium

Isabella Harper

If your child has become fascinated by saltwater fish, and they are dying to get a saltwater aquarium, then you need to learn about the special things you need to get. You can't expect to treat saltwater fish in the same way you might goldfish. A saltwater aquarium is a much more complicated undertaking. You simply cannot buy a small fish tank and add salt to tap water. That is a recipe for dead fish and an upset child. So, before you jump in and buy a saltwater fish, here are some things you need to learn about to have the right aquatic life support system.

Saltwater Mix

It should be obvious that saltwater fish need saltwater. What might not be obvious is that you cannot use regular tap water. There are chemicals in public drinking water that are beneficial for humans (the water is chlorinated to prevent bacteria) but is not beneficial to fish. Even using filtered water from your pitcher or faucet filter is probably not safe. What you should do is buy RODI water. This is water that has undergone a process called Reverse Osmosis Deionization. The RODI filters can be expensive, so see you can buy the water from the fish store or an online supplier. You will also need to buy special salt that is sold for aquariums.


This is a special device that is used to measure the salt content in the water. You will use this to determine when you need to add more salt to the water.


Think of a powerhead as a powerful, submersible fan. It's used to move the water around the aquarium. This is necessary because any stagnant water is going to cause a build-up of debris. You want the water to be in constant motion, as it would in the ocean.

Live Rock

Another unique aspect to a saltwater aquarium is the addition of live rock. This is rock that comes from coral reefs. It contains live bacteria and it creates a healthy aquatic system. It is capable of helping to filter out toxins in the water. Another cool thing about live rock is that the algae that grows on it can be very beautiful (for example, coralline and rhodophytes have beautiful pink and red colors).

A Protein Skimmer

A protein skimmer works like a filter, but in a unique way. It aerates the water and creates bubbles. These bubbles trap organic material and protein that need to be removed from the water. This catches material before it breaks down into nasty bacteria and debris that cloud that water. The regular filter is good at getting this small debris out of the water. But the protein skimmer is the frontline and will catch many large particles before they breakdown and pollute the water.


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what you need to know about your dog's food

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