what you need to know about your dog's food

what you need to know about your dog's food

Six Little Known Facts About CBD Oil Use For Dogs

Isabella Harper

Many dog owners aren't aware of just how many benefits CBD oil can bring to their dog's life. CBD oil is not yet widely known as an effective natural treatment for different medical conditions in dogs.

As a dog owner, you should learn about the facts when it comes to CBD oil. The following are six little known facts about CBD oil for dogs that you should be aware of:

CBD oil can lower a dog's risk of developing cancer.

Cancer is a common cause of death in dogs. In fact, 50 percent of dogs older than 10 will have cancer. Giving CBD oil to dogs can be a good way to reduce their risk of developing cancer and thereby prolong their lives. 

CBD oil can help to minimize anxiety that dogs experience.

Many dogs suffer from anxiety and are skittish around people and crowds. Providing CBD oil to anxious dogs can help to reduce anxiety. This can keep dogs more comfortable generally and allow them to become more socialized. 

CBD oil can be effective for treating seizures in dogs.

Some dogs suffer from seizures that are scary for both dogs and their owners. While there are drug treatments available for seizures like phenobarbital, dog owners looking for a natural solution should consider CBD oil. 

CBD oil has been shown to work to treat dog seizures in cases where drug treatment were ineffective.

CBD oil can help to relieve chronic pain in dogs.

It's hard for dog owners to see their dogs experiencing chronic pain. Chronic pain could come from a variety of causes including past injuries, arthritis, general old age, and health conditions. CBD oil helps to relieve chronic pain while also reducing inflammation.

CBD oil can help dog's that suffering from neurodegenerative conditions.

Some dog breeds are susceptible to neurological conditions such as degenerative myelopathy. These conditions affect the nerves and spine. As they become advanced, they can restrict movement.

CBD oil is helpful for neurodegenerative conditions because it can protect brain cells from dying due to the presence of toxins and free radicals.

CBD oil can be effective at increasing appetite in dog's that aren't eating properly.

Dogs that are experiencing health issues sometimes suffer from reduced appetite. At the same time, dogs need to stay properly nourished to successfully combat health issues.

CBD oil helps to stimulate dogs appetite and also relieve feelings of nausea that cause dogs to be reluctant to eat. Contact a profession like Ellevet Sciences for more information.  


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what you need to know about your dog's food

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