what you need to know about your dog's food

what you need to know about your dog's food

4 Reasons To Choose Freeze Dried Food For Your Dog

Isabella Harper

Raw diets or whole-food organic diets can be healthier for your pup, but constantly processing the meat and vegetables yourself to make the food can be time consuming and difficult. Freeze-dried dog food provides an alternative to the do-it-yourself method that provides many benefits beyond the obvious convenience. 

1. Safe Handling

Although there are health benefits to a raw diet, safe handling can be a challenge. Any mistakes can make your dog very sick, which is one reason many shy away from the raw option. Freeze-dried food is dried quickly at peak freshness, so there are no concerns about pathogens that can cause illness. Plus, the process retains most of the nutritional benefits of the food.

2. Nutritionally Complete

Commercial freeze-dried dog food must meet the same nutritional requirements as any commercial pet food. It will also be clearly labeled with all of its ingredients, the nutritional profile, and any other pertinent information such as whether the ingredients are organic. That means you can be assured that the freeze-dried food you choose is designed to be nutritionally complete for your pup while still only using whole food and organic ingredients.

3. Minimal Processing

Additives like preservatives, food dyes, and artificial flavorings are just a few reasons why many people prefer to avoid standard dry and wet commercial dog foods. Fortunately, the freeze-drying process preserves food naturally without the need for many additives. Since the foods are dried when they are at their most flavorful and nutritionally dense state, there is also no need for flavorings or added vitamins. Simply check the label to verify that there are no unwanted additions to the brand of freeze-dried food you choose.

4. Space Saving

One complaint with preparing a raw food diet for your dog at home is the amount of space it requires. You need freezer and refrigerator space to store the food, as well as equipment like vacuum sealers to make sure everything is sealed against contamination until you are ready to feed it to your pup. Freeze-dried food doesn't contain the moisture of fresh, so it doesn't take up as much space. Plus it can be kept in dry storage, which is often more plentiful than freezer space. As an added benefit, the packages are much easier to transport and store if you are traveling with your dog.

To learn more about freeze-dried dog food, reach out to a supplier.


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what you need to know about your dog's food

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